What is Propolis?

Propolis is a natural antibiotic, made from the resin of plant sprouts & tree trunks collected by worker bees.

This resin is added with mandibular gland secretions and beeswax to synthesize a gel-like aromatic solid.

The bees apply it to the entrance & inner walls of the hive to preserve its health & sterility.

Brazil’s Natural Treasure?

Brazil’s long summers, a hot climate & high air humidity, makes it a hotbed for pathogens & bacteria. Bees will produce strong bactericidal propolis to protect the honeycomb & themselves.

The harsher the environment that the bees are in, the stronger the antibacterial properties of their propolis.

In addition to its general health functions, green propolis is superior in terms of antibacterial properties & improving our immunity.

How are we getting its purest form?

Supercritical Extraction Method.

Using pressurized supercritical fluids as solvents, the density of the supercritical fluid can be modified by adjusting the pressure and temperature, therefore affecting the desired solubility.

Improved selectivity, higher extraction yields, better fractionation capabilities, and lower environmental impacts, you know you’re getting the best.

Are there really 16 main benefits of Propolis?

1. Reduce risk of cancer

Lower the risk of cancer, promote healthy cell regeneration and even improve appetite of cancer patients.

2. Control blood sugar levels

Control and stabilize glucose amount in blood, keeping it in check.

3. Boost immune system

Improve immunity, effectively kill bacteria & viruses.

4. Antitussive effect

Carry antitussive effect to prevent or relieve a cough. Protect the respiratory tract.

5. Relieve various body inflammations

Sooth the inflammations of rheumatism, arthritis, bronchitis, and more.

6. Skin tissue healing

Fade scars, repair tissue cells, and accelerate wound healing.

7. Anti-acne properties

Filled with anti-acne properties, prevent and reduce aging spots & reduce blemish.

8. Unblock nasal congestion

Unblock nasal congestion, prevent & cure rhinitis, relieving its symptoms.

9. Gastrointestinal healing

Regulate gastric acid, prevent & treat gastrointestinal diseases, along with gastric ulcers.

10. Hangover remedy

Cure hangovers and eases after-effects.

11. Protect your liver

Protect & detoxify the liver, reducing its burden. Promote recovery of liver cells.

12. Relieve menstruation pain

Alleviate pain and reduce blood loss during menstruation

13. Take care of injuries

Treat burns and wounds, help stop bleeding quickly.

14. Promote oral hygiene

Eliminate bad breath, prevent tooth decay & help oral hygiene.

15. Control blood pressure

Reduce blood pressure, triglyceride & cholesterol levels.

16. Skin tissue maintenance

Promote skin regeneration, repair tissues.

And that’s not all!

Propolis is a relatively new element that is just starting to be studied extensively for its benefits, who knows what other treasures lie inside these tiny elements of gold.

Well, one thing’s for sure, you don’t want to miss out!




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