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Amoré Propolis
Nature's gold in a bottle.
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Amoré Propolis
Nature's gold in a bottle.
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What is Propolis?

From Brazil, to you

With its hot climate and humid air, Minas Gerais, Brazil, is a hotbed for bacteria. To protect their honeycomb and themselves, bees produce strong bactericidal propolis.

The harsher the environment, the stronger the propolis, the better the quality.

Purest quality, extracted

With pressurized supercritical fluids as solvents, we’re able to adjust the desired solubility, hence purer extracts.

With improved selectivity, higher extraction yields, better fractionation capabilities, and lower environmental impacts, it’s how we get our premium quality propolis.

Nature’s gold in liquid form

Think of all the supplements you have in store at home. Vitamin Cs, fish oil, ginseng. Now imagine one to replace them all.

Drink it with water or apply it on your skin. With its liquid form, you don’t have to worry because it’s safe to use for every part of your body.

Natural ingredients, tons of benefits!


Antioxidant that inhibits damage to body cells. Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and anti-viral effects!

Vitamin P/Rutin

Maintains vascular permeability, enhance elasticity and soften capillaries. Very helpful in preventing heart and cerebral vascular diseases!


Helps stabilize emotions, purify the body. Kills bacteria and enhances immunity

Organic Acids

Anti-corrosive, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation agent. Helps relieve pain, stops bleeding and coughing.

Scientifically Proven


Anti-Bacterial Properties

French scientist Professor Remy Chavin proved that no bacteria could be cultured in beehives.

Biocomponents Discovered

Oxford University discovered 149 active biocomponents in propolis!

World Bee Conference, 1991

Certified Internationally

The World Bee Conference certified that propolis contains some 100 natural crude drug ingredients, the richest and most important of all is flavonoids.

Anti-Cancer Agents Discovered

Mr. Tetsuya Matsuno from the National Institute of Infectious Disease presented the breakthrough information that propolis contains three anti-cancer agents which could suppress the growth of, and destroy cancerous cells without any side effects!

50th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association, Sept. 1991

Top Benefits of Amoré Propolis

Anti-Acne Properties

Anti-acne properties

Filled with anti-acne properties, prevent and reduce aging spots & reduce blemish.

Boosted Immune System

Boosted Immune System

Improve immunity, effectively kill bacteria & viruses.

Unblock nasal congestion

Unblock nasal congestion

Unblock nasal congestion, prevent & cure rhinitis, relieving its symptoms.


Akmal, 45, Johor Bahru

“…Absolutely fantastic product, many thanks for all the help from the team. I was bothering them with questions after questions, and they still explained everything to me patiently!”

Vennis C., 22, K.L.

“… I don’t leave reviews often, but Amoré Propolis changed my life! Nowadays I wake up refreshed and wide awake, ready to start a new day strong!”

Wan Ying, 54, Kuantan

“…Repeating my order once a week, Amoré Propolis has helped me boost my immune strength so I can stay healthy through this pandemic. Couldn’t have done it without you!”